Welcome to ICAEE 2021

5th International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Its Education in 2021 (ICAEE 2021) will take place in Zhenjiang, China from December 17th to 19th, 2021, followed by the previous four ICAEEs held in Kiryu, Ota, Chongqing and Ota. ICAEE 2021 aims to provide a platform to exchange quality research and professional interactions for the development of sciences in regard to advanced engineering. Industry experts, researchers and academics will share ideas and experiences surrounding frontier technologies, breakthroughs, innovative solutions, research results as well as initiatives related to advanced engineering systems and their educations. The conference subject areas are widened, focusing not only on Science and Technology, but also including Education of English, Japanese and Chinese.

Call for Papers

Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

Topic 1: ICAEE Architectures

Industry Architectures, Industry Standards, RAMI 4.0, Industrial IoT

Topic 2: ICAEE Theory and Technologies

Core Technologies, Interoperability, Communication Networks, Connectivity OT/IT, Surity

Topic 3: ICAEE Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering Methods and Tools, Electronic Engineering, Integration, HMI, Safety, Engineering Systems of ICAEE, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Topic 4: ICAEE Smart-system and Applications

Smart Manufacturing, Robotics, Smart Cities, Energy/Smart Grid, Smart Living, Smart Framing, Mobility, Water Management, Mining, Oil & Gas, Intelligent Enterprise, Smart Transportation, Internet of Underwater Things, Smart Medical Systems

Topic 5: ICAEE Management and Smart-systems

Innovation Management, Innovation Ecosystems, Visions/Roadmaps, Industry Digitalization, Strategies &Markets, Entrepreneurship

Topic 6: ICAEE Education

Digital Society, Education, Chinese Japanese and English Educations, Future of Work, Social Aspects, Sustainability, Machine Ethics


Submission Guidelines

Language: English is the official language. Papers should be prepared and presented in English.

Template. Please format your paper according to it before submission. Or it may be returned to you for revision.

Submission Methods:

Via Online Submission System. To make the submission, an account is necessary. The submission will be confirmed and assigned a Paper ID by the conference secretary from icaee@yaang.cn within two working days.

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